Working at a store such as ours provides us with ample opportunity to listen to the psychic and spiritual experiences of our clientele, and challenges us to come up with insight, advice, and solutions to what problems they might be experiencing.

Over time we realized that there were certain types of spiritual rites and exercises that were being requested more frequently than others, inspiring the following informational sheets that we give away free at the store. They are drawn both from traditional sources combined with our own style and experience as spiritual counselors, priests, and magical practitioners. They are presented here in PDF format, perfect for printing. Feel free to use them as given, or as inspirational catalysts for the creation of your own rites.


ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PROTECTION RITE - Summon the power of Archangel Michael to protect you, your loved-ones, and your home!

BLUELOTUS REIKI SHARE - Benefit from the healing power of Reiki wherever you are by using this simple exercise!

CANDLE SNUFFING RITE - Many traditional spells require one to allow a candle to burn completely out, but what if we are not in the position to leave a burning candle unattended? Use this modern take on an ancient practice to give you peace of mind while still feeding energy toward your magical goals.

CLEANSING CRYSTALS - It is widely known that crystals should be energetically cleansed before using them in spiritual work. Here are a few time-honored methods that you can use when getting that new crystal!

HOME BLESSING/CLEANSING (Smudging) - The burning of sage and other aromatic plants have a long history of traditional use amongst indigenous Americans for spiritual and energetic purification. Use this simple rite to cleanse negative or unwanted spirits or energies from your home and environment.

HONEY JAR SPELL - Having trouble with a family-member or co-worker? Need assistance from someone who might not see things your way? Use this is traditional spell to "sweeten up" someone toward you or your cause. While not a fact-acting spell this is a time-honored positive spell inspiring our own sweeter natures.

HOT FOOT - A spell to drive away an unwanted person from your life.

KALA - A personal cleansing rite from the Faery tradition that is as simple as it is beautiful. 

LOVE SPELL - Use this spell to focus energy on your romantic life.

MONEY SPELL - We could all use a little more, right? Use this spell to focus your energy and conjure increased finances.

PETITION PAPER - A Petition (or Prayer) Paper is a type of written prayer used in magic and spiritual work. Learn a traditional method of creating such an object for use in the rites of your choosing.

PROTECTION SPELL - Use this spell to summon the strength of stone to assist you in creating protection for yourself and home.

REVERSING - To send negative energy back to its source.

ROAD OPENER - A rite to remove obstacles from your path and align you to your true purpose.

UNCROSSING - A traditional bathing ritual to clear away obstacles, negative spirits & energies.

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