The Whorling Planchette


Mysteries are revealed as the wheel turns.

     From its debut as a Spiritualist communication device in the mid 19th century, the planchette has undergone a variety of changes as it assisted the spirits in spelling out messages on dial plates and popular talking boards such as the Ouija.

     This reimagined planchette boasts a simple yet innovative design… the planchette remains stationary, while the wheel beneath it tuns. Marvel as it spells out the messages that the spirits would have be known to you. 

     Simply slide the window to the open position, and take a moment to ponder a question or say it out loud. 

     There are a variety of ways to receive your message:

     -You can spin the wheel and wait for it to stop.

     -You can spin it, then wait for a moment of inspiration to touch the spiral pad to stop it.

     -You can place your fingers on the spiral, and just as with a traditional planchette, eventually you will feel the wheel begin to move beneath your fingertips.

     When you are done, simply return the window cover to the ‘GOODBYE’ position. (It’s only polite; we don’t want to ghost our spirits, now do we?) 

     Measures approximately 12 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 2 ¼ inch thick at its high point. Constructed from a variety of woods, its decorative wheel and cover are both birch.

     This may well be the ultimate in spirit communication devices, or at least a fun way to liven up a dead party.