The Satyr's Kiss (Signed Copy)


The Satyr's Kiss: Queer Men, Sex Magic and Modern Witchcraft
By Storm Faerywolf
Foreword by Christopher Penczak

Paperback. 360 pages
Signed by the author

This practical guide to Witchcraft both embraces and celebrates queer men through an impressive collection of spells, rituals, and exercises. The Satyr's Kiss empowers everyone who identifies as male to take his rightful place at the center of his own universe, honoring the unique qualities that set him apart from the mainstream. Emphasizing the importance of sexuality in Witchcraft, this book features a variety of methods for celebrating sex in a magical way.

Join Storm Faerywolf on a queer-centered exploration of magical philosophy, history, rites of passage, and sex magic. He provides an abundance of spells that aid everything from communication and confidence to romance and sexual protection. This book also showcases rituals and exercises related to initiation, gender polarity, sex with spirits, celebrating pride, and more.


Editorial Reviews

"Storm Faerywolf has given us a road map and guidebook for grounding the gay men's spiritual journey in an active practice that is at once political, spiritual, and profound. It is joy to read! Faerywolf takes the reader on his personal journey making it clear why the queer myths, symbols, and spiritual practices, known since antiquity and across cultures, can be significant for today's gay man. We whole-heartedly recommend The Satyr's Kiss."―Randy P. Conner and David Hatfield Sparks, authors of Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol, and Spirit

"I was surprised by how deeply this book spoke to me...Every gay Pagan man should have a copy of The Satyr's Kiss. The rites can be adapted to your own tradition or can be the foundation for an entirely new and complete tradition as Storm presents them in his book."―Alaric Albertsson, author of To Walk a Pagan Path

"A brilliantly bewitching journey into the sacred implications of what it means to be Queer. Whatever variety of Queer you find yourself, this finely crafted and compassionate book ushers us into both our personal wisdom and empowerment...This book is revolutionary, touching on subjects never before explored in a modern metaphysical sense...This work balances a solid foundation in historical academia while invoking modern Witchcraft in a realistic and empowering light. This book brought me to tears and is one I will treasure all my life."

―Raven Digitalis, author of The Empath's Oracle and Esoteric Empathy

"Thought-provoking, tastefully presented, and thorough, The Satyr's Kiss is an informative and practical guide for not only sex magic, but also for a more fully realized craft practice. Tailored to meet the needs of queer men seeking methods of tapping into their personal magic, this book is filled with insight, experienced-based advice, and a variety of unique and useful spells and rituals. This work serves as both an enlightening and valuable resource for the queer witchcraft community."

―Michael Furie, author of The Witch's Book of Potions

"An empowering celebration of queer witchcraft that not only gives queer insight into traditional spellwork but also blazes a new trail of queer-specific spells created for queer men in the craft."

―Tomás Prower, author of Queer Magic

"Finally, a grimoire that empowers, challenges and inspires Queer men to stand in the magical potentiality of our Queerness. Storm guides the reader on a rollercoaster ride through queer magic and sexual expression and connection, in a refreshing and uplifting manner...Deeply provocative and deliciously expressive―I could not put this book down. Your eyes―and your loins―are in for an exquisite ride that will transform your magical practice and your perception of Queer men in Occulture."

―Kristoffer Hughes, Chief of the Anglesey Druid Order, author of From the Cauldron Born, The Book of Celtic Magic, and the man behind the wig of Welsh language television drag queen Maggi Noggi

"Readers looking to explore the powerful connections between queer male identity and the worlds of witchcraft and magic will find much to challenge and arouse them in this celebration of gay sexuality. Faerywolf provides an accessible blueprint for creating a queer-centric practice and hands-on techniques for powerful workings designed to uplift, empower, and enlighten."

Michael Thomas Ford, author of The Path of the Green Man

"More than an excellent collection of rituals, spells, wisdom, and lore, [this book] is a map and a trusted guide to find your way to a home you never knew you deserved. Regardless of your particular path, if you are queer with a male identity, you will want this book in your collection."

Ivo Dominguez Jr. author of The Four Elements of the Wise