Datura Trading

36 Ghosties


36 Ghosties is a fortune telling system based on various styles of sortilege (like the casting of lots or throwing of bones to foretell the future). Each ghost has knowledge of certain conditions, such as #29 the Ghost of Ominous Tidings, or #3 the ghost off Capricious Whimsy. Each has its own bit of advice to bestow, such as #15 who tells you "your secret is not safe." Together these ghosts form a complete system of divination.

These meanings and messages are found on the interior of the lid. This kit also comes with a pamphlet explaining how readings can be done.

Ghosts prefer to reside in graveyards, so artist Chas Bogan has crafted a boneyard mandala that is etched into the bottom of the box. This fully contained kit measures by and by 11.5 inches, and has a convenient depth of 1.5 inches. 

Each ghostie is made from 1/8 inch birch, and is etched with a number. They have been painted and varnished to ensure a long life of being thrown about. 

These ghosts are certain to appeal to collectors of divination tools as well as fans of Carnivalia.