Sigil Service by Storm Faerywolf


A sigil is a magical symbol that is created in order to harness the deep powers of intention and desire. Sigils are powerful tools used for communicating our deep desires to our own unconscious. Many religions and spiritualities believe that this is our own personal gateway to the divine, what some call God Herself. 

For $100, in a trance and with the assistance of various spirits, Storm will use the letters of your name, intentions, or prayer and create an empowered sigil that embodies the essence that those things carry. This symbol is in magical resonance with your prayer, name, or intention and may be used in several different ways.

When complete, we will email you a digital version (JPG) of your sigil, along with some suggestions for how you may use it to help manifest your goals and bring about the changes that you desire. Or, for $125 (plus tax; free shipping in the US) Storm will also print your sigil on heavy paper, empower it in a ritual, and then mail it to you via the postal service.

A sigil can be created for any name, idea, or goal. Short, potent phrases work best, such as: 

"Money comes to me quickly and easily."
"I am safe, secure, and protected."
"I attract perfect love."
"I am proud and confident."
"John Doe is in perfect health."


Choose either Digital or Digital+Paper from the dropdown menu below. When you are ready to check out, please indicate the name, intention, or short prayer you would like to be transformed into a sigil in the Note Box before checkout. Keep in mind that this should be a single word or short phrase for maximum effect. Sigil requests with more than 20 words will be edited at our discretion. Since all sigil work is custom and done by hand, please allow up to 14 days for your sigil to be sent to you. 

Some uses for sigils: 

Drawn on paper
You can draw this sigil on a piece of paper in order to “charge” that paper with the sigil’s power. For best results, speak or chant your name, prayer, or intention as you do, repeating for as long as is necessary until you have finished drawing. Then you may choose to use the paper in a number of ritual ways: carrying it with you… burying it in a houseplant or your yard… burning it in a fire to “release’ its energy with a prayer, etc. 

As a meditative mandala
Simply staring at your sigil while reciting your intention or prayer can deepen your spiritual connection to it and begin to manifest its energies in your life. Imagine a doorway before you with your sigil carved upon it. As you mentally open and walk through that door, where do you end up?

Carved on candles
Increase the focus of your own manifestation or spell work by carving this symbol on a candle and then burning it with prayers for the materialization of your desire. 

Drawn with oils on the body
One traditional practice calls for symbols to be drawn on the body with sacred oils in order to “absorb” their spiritual essence. 

Drawn with your fingers in the air before you
A practice from ceremonial magick; imagine that your finger is like a paintbrush or a pen that leaves trails of glowing light as you draw your sigil. Imagine it glowing in the air before you, and then take three deep breaths, imagining that you are absorbing this spiritual essence into your body. 

Incorporated into another piece of art
Your sigil can be “hidden” in an art piece of your creation, thus intensifying its power. 

Used in conjunction with another magical or occult practice
If you are a practitioner of magic, then you will have no problem imagining any of the numerous other ways that you may employ your sigil. Be creative!

Sold as art and curio only.