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Hands Of Fate


A unique fortune telling device, Hands Of Fate relies on entranced hand movements to guide the marble, much like a pendulum or planchette, placing hidden knowledge at your fingertips.

There are two tracks that the marble may be placed in.

The inner track has a ring representing the zodiac and another featuring the months in a year, for such traditional queries such as “What is the sign of my future husband” and “When will I meet him?”

The outer track also includes two rings. The first contains thirty-eight symbols, each offering illumination and advice, much like a deck of oracle cards. The other ring is alphanumeric like a Ouija board, and includes the words Yes and No.

Hands Of Fate can accommodate up to 4 participants.

This novel divination system gets its name from the weighted hands that accompany it. Each hand is named for one of the Fates… Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. These hands allow for an uneven number of participants to join in the fun and revelations.

One of these hands, whichever speaks to you, is needed to occupy the empty position for a threesome to play together.

Two persons, positioned across from one another, do not require the addition of Fate’s hands.

All three hands will join you for a solo event if you prefer to ask and receive your questions in private.

The board rests on a raised base. One end of the base allows the board to be active and tilt. Or, if you prefer to display the Hands Of Fate in a more stable manner—nod to those of us who have cats—the base can be flipped over so that the board rests steadily.

Hands Of Fate measures approximately 18.75 by 18.75 inches wide, and about 5.5 inches in height. It is composed of birch and composite wood, and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Some assembly required. To reduce waste and cost this item is shipped flat. Its base is composed of three parts that easily fit together. This design allows for it to be taken apart for easy storage, though this is sure to be statement piece for any collection of occult oddities or witchy décor.