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Summon The Demon


Summon The Demon is a sliding tile game with four distinct puzzles.

The first challenge is to move the Demon from its place in Hell into the mystical circle

The second challenge is to remove the ritual tools that are trapped inside the circle with the Demon

The third challenge is to position explosive clouds around the Demon to witness it granting your desire

The fourth challenge is to move the Demon back into Hell

There is a slot in the front that holds a guidebook, which has solutions for these puzzles in case you get stuck. It is also filled with fun incantations and stuff to make the experience more engaging. 

The artist, Chas Bogan, has included some enchanting design elements, such as sigils copied from mysterious books and found in forbidden tombs, and an inverted pentagram to give it sort of gothy vibe. Playful. It's certainly not a contraption designed by a mad puzzle maker to coax you into summoning an actual demon.

This puzzle measures 9.5" X 7.25" X 1.5". It is composed of birch tiles that rest in a platform made from composite wood.