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Votive Service


For this service we will light a votive candle, accompanied with a paper that includes your name and petition, on our votive altar.

A votive is traditionally lit to empower a prayer or bestow a blessing. People often prefer to have a votive lit on an altar in service to spiritual needs, such as in a church or temple, or as we once did at our community altar inside The Mystic Dream. The votive stand that once resided there is now aglow in our new sanctuary, where we currently do much of our work, such as tending candles lit on behalf of others.

These candles burn within hours and are great for immediate petitions. New candles are lit every morning.

For more involved spiritual work we offer individual services found on our Setting Lights Candle Services page.

There is a tradition of burning a votive candle every day for a span of seven days, and we offer this as an option should you wish us to extend your prayers for a full week.


Before you checkout, please click the ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER link when viewing your cart, and tell us your full name and a BRIEF description of any details that are pertinent to your goal (i.e. other people's full names, dates, description of your desired outcome, etc). If you forget to include some information you may also write us at


Candles purchased without descriptions will be set for blessings on behalf of the person whose name appears on the transaction.