Tiny Timber Lenormand


The Tiny Timber Lenormand includes 36 etched birch tiles, each measuring approximately 1.25 by 1.75 inches. They come in a 5 by 7 inch black satin bag. Their size allows for a full Grand Tableau reading (in which all 36 tiles are placed on the table) within a small space. It is accompanied with a pamphlet containing the Lenormand's history, basic practice, and keywords for each symbol. These tiles are etched on both sides, with an image of a fluer-de-lis containing the letter L on the back. Available in two colors, they are varnished against wear.

The Petit Lenormand is a system of divination consisting of 36 symbols, named after the famed fortune teller Mlle. Marie Ann Adelaide Lenormand (1772-1843). Lenormand has been a popular form of cartomancy in Europe since the 1800’s but is often overshadowed by the more popular Tarot. But unlike Tarot, Lenormand relies on symbols that are more common than esoteric. The characteristics of these symbols are rooted in Italian, German, and French culture from the late 1700’s, yet remain relatable to many of us today. Whereas Tarot is often consulted for answering esoteric questions, Lenormand is often utilized for more practical fortune telling.