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Spinning Tarot


The Major Arcana comes alive with Carnivalia's Spinning Tarot

To engage this piece of occult art begin with the window raised. Give the wheel a spin, then place your finger onto the dial. Begin turning the dial. You may ask a question, and listen to your intuition to tell you when to stop turning the dial, or your may say the following incantation...

Spinning wheel, cards of fate
Align with spirits beyond the gate
That they may guide this wheel’s turn
To foretell futures and then adjourn.

End the turning of the dial so that a cog is centered above the window. Then pull the handle of the window to lower it and reveal the card that has arrived to speak to you.

Measures approximately 11.25 inches tall, 11.75 inches wide, and 6.75 inches deep.

The structure and internal gears are composed of various types of wood, the decorative elements being etched in birch and filled with sparkling gold color. 

A shelf is built in so that you may use this stunning piece to display a card of the day.

This item is put together by the hands of the artist, Chas Bogan, and therefore availability may be limited due to the necessary labor involved. Should this item be out of stock, please check back later after more have been constructed. This item generally take two weeks to ship, so your patience is appreciated.