Retro Witch Talking Board


Board measures 13 inches by 19 inches
Finished product does not feature the © Carnivalia watermark
Purchase includes planchette

Pull up a bean bag chair, light up some patchouli incense, dim the lava lamp, and invite in some nostalgia. Carnivalia was commissioned by Modern Witch Magazine to design a talkingboard for their issue on the subject, and this was the first attempt. The result, however, was more retro than modern. A separate board was ultimately designed for the commission, and this became Retro Witch.

“Although this is not my most popular board in terms of sales, it is my personal favorite. Designing this was the most enjoyable experience I have had creating a talkingboard. I loved being able to use this color palette from the 1970’s. Releasing the alphabet from its more typical arching pattern gave me an opportunity to create a balanced design through the use of colored lines and slanted angles.” -Chas Bogan

This is a quality artisan product, and all elements, from its unique design to its planchette, are handcrafted at Carnivalia’s studio.

Its board measures nineteen by thirteen inches. The printed image is adhered to a quarter inch slab of hardboard, and painted black on the back and sides. The image is protected by layers of clear varnish, creating a smooth finish that is ideal for use with the planchette, and will protect your board as your relationship to this heirloom matures.