Race To Hell Dice Game


Based on an old pub game, Race To Hell is a simple game to play when you've thrown back several drinks with your friends.

Play with up to six people.

Feed the devil the marble that rests atop the tower. The first player to roll a 1 removes a platform. The next player to roll a 2 removes the next platform. Continue until all the platforms have been removed except the last, then remove it when someone rolls a 6. They are the winner or, depending on how you play, the loser. You can use it to help decide who pays for dinner, who buys the drinks, or other nefarious deeds.

Measures approximately 11" high by 5" wide and 4.5" deep.

Come with black marble and dice.

"Is it fun," you ask.

Sure, if you're drunk enough, it's fun.

If you enjoy devilish, carnival-style games and decor or know someone who does, then this is the toy for you.