Modern Conjure

Q Oil


An oil of queer seduction
Limited edition

1/2 oz

Contains a proprietary blend of herbs and oils.


When the straight and narrow just won't do,
Dress a candle with oil of Q.
Anoint yourself behind each each ear
To draw to you the one that's dear.
Dab a bit upon each wrist
To lure them into a tryst.
Into the smallclothes, just a drop
Repeat the rhyme and do not stop:

"Though some would say this love's forbidden
I draw to me the one I need
Out and proud or shy and hidden
A fire stoked with passion's speed!"


As the candle burns so bright
And as you move throughout the day
Your passion burns and casts a light
Like moth to flame they come your way.

Modern Conjure products are formulated to assist with the spiritual work you do to achieve your needs and desires. These recipes partner you with the powerful heritage of time-honored tradition, engaging you in the rich and mystical culture of folk magic. Our remedies provide a means to work with your wishes in a tactile manner, engaging your senses with exotic ingredients and stimulating scents. Use them to amplify your prayers, and to invite enchantment into your life. The names and magical associations of these products are part of a long-standing tradition of North American folk magic, and have been crafted using time honored ingredients and methods.

In keeping with tradition, we say that all Modern Conjure products are sold as curios only.