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Money Maker Mojo Bag


Money Maker

-Prosperity, Opportunity, Wealth-

Many magical ingredients are brought together to create this strong talisman, however traditional belief in mojo bags hold that they are so much more than a collection of curios; each bag is a unique anatomy that through magic has been enlivened with its own indwelling spirit, a spiritual ally eager to bring about your wishes. Another folk name for these bags is ‘mojo hand’ for it is believed that they act as an ethereal hand, able to grab for you those things that are beyond your reach.

Our Money Maker Mojo Bag includes a variety of sanctified items that give it focus, aligning it to the goal of making you money. Such items include a selection of sacred herbs traditionally used to attract money; Solomonic Seals whose power have been for centuries used by both ceremonial magicians and folk magic practitioners alike; Lodestone to serve as a magnet to bring opportunities for wealth your way; and other various proprietary ingredients as well. All these items are anointed with our distinctive blend of conjuring oils. Once together, we have a powerful and pocketable vessel into which your new spiritual ally is born, and magic is made.

When you receive your mojo, you will want to give it sustenance, and this is best done by dabbing it with whiskey, or other drinkable alcohol, or with cologne. This is known as feeding your mojo. Like anything in your care, you will want to feed your mojo frequently, at least weekly, and whenever you see that your ally has manifested what you asked it to. Whenever you feed your mojo, ask it for what you want and thank it for working on your behalf. Many recommend keeping your mojo out of sight, whereas others openly display them, so use your intuition about what conditions your mojo prefers.

In keeping with tradition, we say that all Modern Conjure products are sold as curios only.