No one should be expected to disperse prophesy before they’ve had their coffee, and now they don’t have to. Combine your love for coffee and divination with this unique fortune telling design, or gift it to that friend who shares those interests.

Many are familiar with tea leaves or coffee grounds being read for fortune telling. Javamancy is designed as a throwing board, on which three coffee beans are gently thrown onto the board, revealing secrets based on what symbols they fall near. There are two sides to each coffee bean, a smooth side which demotes the positive aspect of the symbol it falls near, and a cleft side that speaks of a symbol’s negative attributes. In all, there are 36 unique symbols, each of which has the potential for two meanings, providing for 72 distinct messages.

Javamancy comes in a cotton, drawstring bag stamped with its logo. It contains basic instructions and definitions for each of the symbols. The board itself is crafted from birch, and is approximately 9 by 9 inches, providing plenty of room for casting the three coffee beans that are provided in their own cotton pouch. This piece is a quarter inch thick, well stained and varnished, and is an heirloom piece for anyone who collects divination products.

This simple form of fortune telling is quite telling indeed, and folk who have used it have been amazed by the accuracy of its insights. As you continue to use Javamancy, you may develop your own relationship with the symbols, and develop interpretations unique to yourself, and this is encouraged.