Modern Conjure

Custom "Deluxe" Mojo Bag



Mojo Bags are pouches filled with herbs, stones, seals, and curio that have been charged and set for a particular purpose. They are then worn or carried to keep their aura of magical influence close by. These Deluxe Mojo Bags contain a specially made and dressed prayer paper empowered with a custom sigil created for your name and purpose.

Within 3-5 days of your order we will begin its construction, empowering it in ritual, and will ship it to you once it is completed. You will also receive a bottle of oil or cologne along with instructions on how to use it to "feed" your mojo; keeping it set and working toward your goal.

If you have a preference for which of our conjure workers will construct the mojo, you may choose from the drop-down menu and then "Add to Cart". On the cart page, use the Note field to specify your Full Name (or the name of the person it is being created for) along with ONE purpose you would like it empowered for. (EXAMPLES: To draw money, to get a job/promotion, protection, good luck, health, psychic awareness, etc.) REMEMBER that each additional purpose would weaken its focus and so multiple goals require multiple mojos.