Bone Garden Talkingboard


Board measures 11.5 inches by 16.75 inches, and is .25 inch thick
Finished product does not feature the © Carnivalia watermark
Purchase includes planchette

Owing to the unique qualities found in each maple board, every one of these talking-boards etched with the Bone Garden design is individual. The caramel colored stain brings out the character of the wood, and accentuates the depth to the engraving. Certain to be an heirloom, this board marries artistry and function. Layers of varnish protect the wood, and allows for a smooth surface on which the stylish planchette can move with ease.

The central figure of the skeletal tree comes from De Conceptu et Generatione Hominis, by Swiss-German artist Jost Amman (June 13, 1539 – March 17, 1591), and represents death entering the Garden of Eden through the Tree of Knowledge. The flora, stars, hare and raven were styled after various antique woodcuts and medieval illustrations.