ABRACADABRA Shield, Wall Art



This unique piece is perfect for enthusiasts of both stage magic or the occult.

The word ABRACADABRA is considered to be a barbarous word, meaning its origins are unknown. It first appears in the second century work of Greek occultist Serenus Sammonicus, in his book Liber Medicinalis. Therein it is described as a cure for Malaria, when written on an amulet in triangular fashion. As with similar magic words, such as ABRAXAS, it is often written in a descending triangle with each subsequent line omitting a letter; in this manner, it is believed to decrease unwanted conditions such as a fever. 

6 Inches Wide by 8.75 inches High

Made from .25 inch Baltic Birch.
Surface is stained black with recessed areas appearing a golden beige hue.

Back side features a metal sawtooth hanger