Variegated Alocasia Macrorrhiza

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Variegated Alocasia Macrorrhizos is a HARD TO FIND PLANT and is highly sought after for its unique leaf pattern. You are purchasing the exact plant in the photo.


Alocasia are endemic to subtropical Asia and parts of Australia. There are several varieties of alocasia, each with their own special traits. Collectively Alocasia/Colocasia are referred to as “Elephant Ears” alongside caladium. They require lots of water and indirect light. Most of our alocasia are grown in semi-hydroponic conditions (such as leca or pon) however, we have had great luck growing them in soil pots that are sitting in shallow pans of water. They love fertilizer once established.


Etheric properties: As silly as it sounds, alocasia have taught me a lot about self-care. I have learned a lot about my body’s need for water and that my skin is fragile compared to the rest of me. In this way, the leaves of the alocasia/Colocasia are often soft and can be quite fragile in some species. They have a wonderful Venus quality to them that blends the water and earth energy in an indescribable way. 


Growing conditions: Intermediate

Light: Bright indirect and LOTS of it

Ideal Humidity: 50-90% (The more humidity, the bigger the leaves!)

Soil: Well-draining but sitting in a tray of shallow water (some do well in semi-hydro conditions)

Water: Give them lots of water but keep an eye on the roots if growing indoors until established.

Most are safe for consumption. Research your specific species or cultivar.


Special Note: Alocasia LOVE water so do not let the soil dry out, unless the plant goes dormant for the season. You can keep the leaves alive while most of the plant goes dormant by cutting off any inflorescence (flower) that might emerge in late summer and then cutting back on water until spring. If allowed to flower the plant will likely go into dormancy and drop most of the leave if not all shortly after.

Variegated Alocasia Macrorrhiza

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