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St. Expedite Candle


Our Dressed Devotional Candle comes already anointed with herbs and oils and blessed by our dedicated staff of spiritual rootworkers. 

Our Undressed Devotional Candle comes with our colorful label, ready for you to bless and work with however your tradition calls for.

St. Expedite is depicted as a Roman centurion, mostly often with young features. Iconography includes a cross held aloft that bears the Latin word hodie, which translates to today (German iconography has him holding a clock). Beneath his right foot is a crow bearing the word cras, which translates to tomorrow, (an Armenian legend states that this crow was the devil in disguise, trying to get the soldier to put off his conversion until the spoils of battle were indulged in). St. Expedite therefore stands holding the power of today in his hand and controlling tomorrow underfoot, a champion of Fate. St. Expedite appears to be urging folk to follow the cross today, encouraging immediate conversion to Christianity. It is also a reminder to any who may have wanted to undermine the Christian state that the Church would continue to dominate tomorrow. It is from the word cras that we get procrastination, and for that reason St. Expedite is said to aid those of us who have problems getting done today what we can put off until tomorrow.

Though not historical, there is a popular legend about him stating that when his statue was delivered to the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe in New Orleans the crate was stamped with the French word Expédit, and that his name was thereafter mistaken as such. Although it is a good yarn, devotion to St. Expeditus had been well established long before then. The word expeditus in Latin refers to a lone soldier. 

Procrastinators are not his sole devotees, indeed he is amiable to help anyone, especially when they need help fast… for a small but specific act of devotion, which is as follows.

Some say to begin working with him on a Wednesday is ideal, but if you really need something fast then you may not be able to wait for a Wednesday, in which case petition him whenever. You can get candle with his image on it quite easily. These are often what are called 7-day or devotional candles. However, waiting several days for a spell to come to fruition when your need is immediate may not be the best practice. If you like you can simply get a red candle, dress it with Fast Luck oil, and light it up. A prayer to St. Expedite may go like this:

Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expedite, you who know what is necessary and urgently needed. I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity on my behalf, that by your grace my request will be granted. {Express what you need} May I receive your blessings and favors. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.