Modern Conjure Brand

Spirit Water




Don't be caught off guard when your dead relatives drop by your home for an impromptu visit, have something to offer them such as a glass of this Spirit Water. It has everything a spirit thirsts for, sweetened with anisette syrup and suped up with herbs suited for strengthening the psychic bond between the living and the deceased. It is customary for Spiritualists to set out a glass of water for those thirsty spirits come to partake in a séance, and this Spirit Water serves a purpose for the living also in that its scent inspires a spirited mood and improves the atmosphere. Sorry, but Spirit Water is not intended to be consumed by the living, but now you have something to look forward to when the Reaper comes to call.

Not for internal consumption.



In keeping with tradition, we say that all Modern Conjure products are sold as curios only.