The Mystic Dream

Small Epidote Slice ($5)


Keywords: Awareness, Prosperity, Love 

Enhances psychic ability, intuition , and aides in the cultivation of romantic relationships. Helps one to sort out their own emotional state and protects those who feel vulnerable. excellent meditation and ritual ally.

Average Weight: 10 g

Average Length: 1.2 in

Small polished plates that resemble flat tumbled stones.

Tumbled stones are excellent to work with for crystal mapping (also known as crystal gridding), as pocket pieces, and are the best way to try out a stone before committing to a larger specimen. Many collectors begin their journey with a mineral by working with its tumbled variety.

While in our care, cleansings are performed regularly on our stones, but you should also feel empowered to cleanse this stone upon receiving it. We recommend cleansing this stone with water, sun/moonlight, sound, or burying.