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Rooted Brugmansia Sanguinea, Red Angel Trumpet

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Also known as Red Angel’s Trumpet

Rooted Brugmansia Sanguinea, Red Angel Trumpet

6-9 inch fully rooted plants. Leaves will be trimmed for shipping. 

King of the cold group brugmansias, the sanguinea is renowned for its striking red and yellow striped flowers, which can grow over a foot long. Native to the Andes mountains, they are found throughout Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru, where they have been used medicinally and religiously among some indigenous people in those areas. This, and other cold group brugmansia, are grown for ornamentation in colder parts of Europe and North America, where they are sometimes overwintered indoors during the freezing time of the year. This type of brugmansia is less often seen for sale in the US, given that many areas are too hot for them. The B. sanguinea that we grow on our property, zone 9b, are brought outside during the colder months, and otherwise thrive during the hottest part of the year as houseplants. Unlike other brugmansia whose flowers are too heavily scented to make for good houseplants, these beautiful flowers are not fragrant. B. sanguinea thrive with the aid of fertilizer and are known to be heavy feeders. All parts of the plant are poisonous.


Brugmansia do well in containers outdoor or indoor given the appropriate light and temperature. It is toxic and should not be consumed. Sap should also be washed off hands instantly.


Etheric Properties: Of all the Datura varieties, we find this cultivar of brugmansia to be especially connected to the faery realm and the trickster spirits of the crossroads.


Growing conditions: Prefers temperature below the mid 70’s and will struggle in temperatures above the high 80’s. Tolerant of light frost but not extended freezing.  

Light: Bright indirect

Ideal Humidity: 50-80%

Soil: Well-draining soil.

Water: Keep evenly moist

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