Planchette Style Pendulum Board and Sphere Holder


This design is the marriage of a classic planchette shape and the elements that traditionally decorate a talking board. It's the perfect piece of mystical decor, and much more.

Size options available: 12 x 11 inches; 7 x 6.5 inches. Each piece is a quarter of an inch thick.

Crafted from painted birch and varnished for protection.

Beyond being a lovely article of decor, it can also serve as a holder for your crystal spheres.

To use its features as a pendulum board (pendulum not included), begin opening your session by positioning your chosen pendulum above the word HELLO. Once your pendulum begins to spin, you will know that you are connected to the powers that will guide your reading. Ask whatever question is on your mind, and rest your pendulum above the first letter. Slowly guide your pendulum across the letters until you sense a tug or see your pendulum start to spin. Take note of this letter; then repeat the process until your answer has been spelled out in full. When you are finished with your session, touch your pendulum to the word GOODBYE.