Philodendron Gloriosum

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Philodendron are endemic to South America and come in a wide variety of growing habits, colors, and leaf shape. Philodendron are a popular houseplant and can be grown to large sizes with time and attention. Some species are collected by botanists and preserved, eventually making their way to the consumer market, while others have been carefully bread for special characteristics by master gardeners for centuries. Though philodendron are considered to be one of the most studied genus, new varieties are discovered all the time.


While we do import some varieties of philodendron, we do not participate in any plant poaching. We import from a collective of small family farms that network together to work with small businesses like ours. We have carefully vetted our suppliers and plants are reserved for acclimation, sometimes up to three months, before becoming available to our community. However, we here at Datura Trading propogate from our own collection of over fifty varieties and most of our stock is home grown.


Etheric properties: There is a wide variety of etheric qualities that are noticeable among the philodendron genus. This genus is quite large and has a lot to offer us. There is not much at all written about any indigenous connection to this plant among the native peoples of South America, and many of these species have been cultivated. Climbing philodendron help us to hold onto opportunities and to quickly develop new skills. Upright philodrendrons are amazing helpers at pushing through energetic barriers and help to stabilize the energy of the space they are in. Crawling philodendron make excellent companions when establishing yourself in new ventures in life and are especially good at helping us to heal and empower the primal energies of the body.


Philodendron are not safe to consume.


Growing conditions: Normal 

Light: Bright indirect

Ideal Humidity: 50-70%

Soil: Well-draining (some do well in semi-hydro conditions)

Water: Allow to dry between waterings, water fully.


 Special Note: Gloriosum are naturally crawlers and, due to their heart shapes leaves, make excellent companions when searching out new love opportunities.

Philodendron Gloriosum

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