Mystic Moon Pendulum Board


The Mystic Moon pendulum board is a wonderful way to display your favorite pendulum. It may be hung on a wall, or in a window where the sunlight can illuminate whatever pendulum you choose to hang from it.

The alphanumeric design allows it to functions as a fun divination tool. Lay it on its side, and you can receive messages in two ways, either by holding your pendulum in front of the nose and seeing what letter or number your pendulum swings to, or by passing your pendulum over the board and observing which letters or numbers it spins around.

The Mystic Moon measures approximately 11 inches tall by 8 inches wide. It is made from baltic birch. Its mage is etched on both sides, so it may be hung facing either direction from a hole near its top.

The Mystic Moon's storybook appearance makes for whimsical decor, sure to add a mystical experience to whatever environment it adorns.

Don't have a pendulum? We offer several options to accommodate your Mystic Moon pendulum board.