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Modern Witch Crystal Keepers Box Set

$100.00 $150.00

Modern Witch
Crystal Keepers Box

Provisions Box #3: Crystal Keeper (only 13 available) 

For those of us who love stones and crystals, getting access to quality pieces that are ethically sourced and reasonably priced can be super-difficult right now. Have no fear, the Crystal Keepers Modern Witch Provisions Box is here! I have a limited number of these kits that I can make, however I am packing them full of juicy, vibrant, amazing stones, limited edition merch, and a few surprises. You will find everything you need to feed your crystal addiction (for this month, anyway) and more with this box, here is what you can expect to find within. *NOTE: Not all merchandise is pictured!

-Sage & Sweetgrass Bundle
-Chakra Alignment Luxury Bar Soap
-“Juicy” Tumbled Stone Collection (13 Vibrant Tumbled Stones!) 
-Smokey Rose Quartz Heart
-Quartz Point w/ Silver Pendant
-Specimen on stand (Rose Quartz or Tourmaline)
-6” Wooden Flower of Life
-Garnierite (Green Moonstone) Fat Palm Stone