Modern Witch

Modern Witch Altar Essentials Box Set

$50.00 $95.00

Modern Witch
Altar Essentials Box

Finding everything you need to refill your altar supplies can be tough. Let Devin take care of that for you! In this bundle you get a boatload of candles, resins, and some choice stones! Shipping is included! The estimated retail value of this bundle is $140.00

-Charcoal Briquette 10pk
-½ oz Frankincense
-½ oz Myrrh
-7 Dripless Beeswax Candles
-12 Assorted Crystal Journey Votives ( $47 value alone!) (Selection includes: -Abundance,  Power, Good Health, House Warming,  Laughter,  Manifest A Miracle, Wisdom, Angel’s Influence, Peace, Problem Solving, Healing, & Joy)
-Rose Sage Bundle
-Uncrossing Condition Oil
-Tumbled Labradorite
-Candlestick Quartz