Modern Conjure

Hex Breaker




This powerful mixture of brewed herbs and essential oils is to be used to break any hexes that bedevil you.

It may be added to a ritual bath to cleanse away and neutralize any negative energy that has been put on you. A Tablespoon in your bathtub, or added to a pitcher of water and poured over yourself in the shower, is potent enough to do the job. 4oz is enough to take a series of baths, as some people prefer to bathe for a run of 7 times, once each night to complete the cycle of a week. Feel the negative conditions washing away, and step out from your bath or shower with a new lease on life. If you wish to lift a curse that someone close to you is suffering from, this potion makes for an excellent foot wash when a Tablespoon is added to a basin of water. Diluted, It can also be added to your mop bucket or spray bottle to service a cursed location. Bewitched objects may also be transformed by its application. A curse can be represented in written form with a phrase, such as by writing "HEX/EX/X" on a slip of paper; the paper is then place in a shallow bowl and covered with Hex Breaker, or else simply placed in the bottle.

Not for internal consumption.

In keeping with tradition, we say that all Modern Conjure products are sold as curios only.