Halloween Ghost, Glow-In-The-Dark Talking Board


Carnivalia's glow-in-the-dark Halloween Ghost is the perfect paranormal paraphernalia for spooky season (or any time of the year for those of us who live Halloween all year long). 

This ghost comes in two sizes
Regular Size Ghost measures 16" X 11.75"
Large Size Ghost measures 11.75" X 8.5"

This ghost also comes in two colors
White & Beige
White & Black

All option include a planchette.

Glows for 2-4 hours. Must be charged by exposure to natural or artificial light; the quality and duration of which governs duration and intensity of glow. Expose to bright light for at least 2 hours for a good charge. Do not place the planchette or other items atop the board while exposing to light or the space beneath the item will not glow.

Clean with damp cloth.

Halloween ghost may be used as a Ouija board, or simply as a decorative bit of haunting decor.