The Mystic Dream

Enhanced "Rainbow Aura" Clear Quartz ($7)


Keywords: Clarity, Psychic Enhancer, Focus

Quartz with alloy plating. Brings psychic clarity and focus to all matters. Assists in all energy work, metaphysics, study, creativity, and manifestation. Most easily programmed crystal. Great for cleansings and psychic protection.

Average Weight: 17 g

Average Length: 2.4 in

Crystals are sometimes enhanced through various processes to add color or to intensify desired colors. When a crystal has an “aura” that means it has been enhanced through the addition of metalloid compounds through what essentially amounts to electroplating or vacuumplating. While not restricted to lesser quality stones, this process is usually performed on varieties of quartz and calcite that are considered to lack clarity, increasing the market value and aesthetic of the stone.

Not all auras are equal! It is generally advised not to allow aura stones to get wet or to remain wet for too long. Lesser quality auras can be easily dissolved by water and in higher quality specimens it can expose tiny cracks on the surface to erosion. An aura that easily wipes off with a little bit of water is most likely paint and not actually metalloid.

Rainbow Aura is made with the addition of titanium and niobium, which both add their properties to the properties of the stone. In this case, titanium enhances psychic ability and helps to clarify the messages being received from the spiritual worlds. Niobium is used to stabilize energy.

While in our care, cleansings are performed regularly on our stones, but you should also feel empowered to cleanse this stone upon receiving it. We recommend cleansing this stone with sun/moonlight or sound.