The Mystic Dream

Amethyst Earrings in Sterling Sliver



Balance, psychism, sobriety

to assist the body’s natural filtration processes and to support those organs 
responsible for them
, amethyst is a unique stone in that it helps us to find balance and 

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build barriers to those things that are toxic in our lives. It increases intuitive 
understanding and helps those with natural psychic ability to broaden their skills. Worn 
by those seekin
g sobriety for over almost a thousand years.

 jewelry is set in Sterling silver and is skin friendly. While in our care, 
cleansings are performed regularly on our stones, but you should also feel empowered 
to cleanse this stone upon receiving i
t. We recommend cleansing this stone with water, 
sun/moonlight, sound, or fumigation
To physically clean, rub with polishing cloth or use jewelry specific cleaner