Alice In Wonderland

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Board measures 13 inches by 19 inches
Finished product does not feature the © Carnivalia watermark
Purchase includes planchette

This talking board features the strange world of Lewis Carroll's Alice. Designed by Chas Bogan, this board debuted at an auction for the New Orlean’s Witches Ball in 2016. The theme of the ball was Alice In Wonderland, and so it seemed fitting to use the much loved illustrations of John Tenniel. To offset the designed chaos of the composition, a simple color palate of beige and blue was chosen. 

“I’ve always been a big Alice In Wonderland fan, having many different illustrated copies. I’ve always wanted to work with Tenniel’s wonderful illustrations, so I jumped at the opportunity to design this particular board. My biggest challenge was deciding which images wouldn’t make the cut. Those who use talkingboards know that the messages can often be cryptic and topsy-turvy, so Wonderland seems a perfect environment for a talkingboard design. A popular interpretation of Alice’s adventure is that it all happen within her mind, and some theorize that messages spelled out on talkingboards come from our own mind as well.” -Chas Bogan

This is a quality artisan product, and all elements, from its unique design to its planchette, are handcrafted at Carnivalia’s studio.

Its board measures nineteen by thirteen inches. The printed image is adhered to a quarter inch slab of hardboard, and painted black on the back and sides. The image is protected by layers of clear varnish, creating a smooth finish that is ideal for use with the planchette, and will protect your board as your relationship to this heirloom matures.