Aglaonema Red Army

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*'Red Army' is a RARE PLANT. We were only able to import two of these, this is the larger. It is stable and happy with a new leaf!* Check back next restock for even more rare aglaonema!

Endemic to subtropical Asia, Aglaonema is quickly becoming a popular houseplant in the West, yet has a beloved history in the East. Vibrant patterns, interesting variegations, and luscious colors, each cultivar is unique and mesmerizing. Though they are from subtropical conditions, they thrive in normal home humidity and many even do well in low light situations. Color depth and intensity are light dependant, the deeper you want the color, the more light it needs, the softer the tone, the less light.

Also known as a “Chinese Evergreen.”

You are buying exact specimen in photo. This plant is not edible.


Etheric Properties: I find aglaonema to be similar in vibration to labradorite in that it helps to uncover our hidden talents so that we can reveal them to the world. It is also similar to selenite in that it helps to swift energy within the home, helping to unblock stagnancy. It has quickly become a plant ally that I rely more and more on to understand the innerworkings of my creative process and I find that holding it during meditation helps to open the energy centers of the body.  


Growing conditions: Normal


Light: Bright indirect

Ideal Humidity: 50-70%

Soil: Well-draining (some do well in semi-hydro conditions)

Water: Allow to dry between waterings, water fully.

Not safe for consumption.


Special notes: This makes a great starter plant!

Aglaonema Red Army

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