Abracadabra Sign

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This signboard measures approximately seventeen and a quarter inches tall and twelve inches wide, mounted on wood a quarter inch deep. Signs are intended for indoor use. A metal bracket is affixed to the back to make hanging it simple.

Each wooden signboard is handcrafted at Studio Carnivalia by the artist, Chas Bogan.

The earliest record of this magical word appears in the poem 'De Medicina Praecepta' by Serenus Sammonicus, physician to the Roman emperor Caracalla in the 2nd Century A.D. Recommended as a preventative against disease, amulets featuring this word were written in the form of an inverted cone. Just as the word itself diminishes, sympathetically the ailment was expected to fade away.

Like many ancient words, the Etymology of Abracadabra is in question. although several possibilities have been suggested, such as:

-Aramaic: derived from 'avra kedabra' or 'avra K'Davarah' which means 'I will create as I speak.'
-Aramaic: from 'abhadda kedhabhra' meaning 'disappear like this word.'
-Hebrew: 'ha-brachah' meaning 'the blessing.'
-Hebrew: 'avar k'davar' meaning 'it will be according to what is spoken.'
-Gnostic: from one of God's names 'Abraxas.'

Other sources claim the name to be that of a demon or angel.

The powers attributed to this talisman are numerous, athough most hold the purpose to be to diminish the power of something, or someone, if not an ailment then a curse or demonic force. Beyond the ballyhoo of prestidigitators, this name is also said to weaken an enemy's energy to the point of death. Often it is used as a protective talisman, and to enhance that connotation I have given this version the shape of a shield.

The word is also thought to be of numerological significance. Influenced by this latter school of thought the sign board presented here draws from the power of eleven, present in the eleven-pointed star featured at the top, and the numerals 11x11 at the bottom (which have a significant role in several occult traditions, often representing the pillars of Tubal Cain through which one passes to reach enlightenment).

The word itself, while rooted in an ancient occultism of the sort that often inspires me, has a connotation that evokes flamboyant hocus-pocus such as I adore. Unlike my more sepia toned signs, I got to play somewhat with color on this one.

Abracadabra Sign

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