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Chas Bogan Chas Bogan offers a variety of services, including:

-Guided Readings, utilizing the aid of Spirit Guides and Ancestors, along with his gift for reading Cards and Curio.
-Magical Work, lighting spiritual candles, crafting mojo bags, blending herbal baths, and more.
-Energy Work, drawing from techniques such as Reiki, Chakra Alignment, Shamanism, and others.
-Spiritual Cleansings, incorporating Prayer, Smudging, Tuning Forks, and more.

For more information about his various projects, visit
Storm Faerywolf Storm Faerywolf is an artist, poet, warlock, priest, Reiki Master/Teacher, and one of the owner's of Datura Trading Co. An initiate of the Faery tradition of witchcraft, he offers magical and spiritual services to the public as a Black Wand and Faery Doctor, including Consultations, Purification, Energy Healing sessions, spell work, and more. For more information about his various projects, visit 
Devin Hunter Devin Hunter is a spiritual medium and has been professionally sharing messages from the other-side, angels, and Goddess for many years. He is a published author and an internationally recognized spiritual teacher helping others connect to and hone-in on their own spiritual gifts. For more information about his various projects, visit
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