Psychic Witch Spirit Board

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Designed by Mat Auryn, this spirit board shares the name of his popular book, 'Psychic Witch'. Only 50 of these exclusive boards have been crafted from birch wood; birch being a tree of psychic protection, purification, inspiration, and wisdom. Birch was also used in European folk magick rituals to drive out evil spirits.

Each of these boards are numbered on the back beneath varnish, and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Mat Auryn. The first board (numbered 1) has been donated to the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft for display in their exhibit. Each board was crafted at Carnivalia Studio by Chas Bogan and is sold exclusively through The Mystic Dream.

This spirit board measures 16.75" by 11.5" by .4" thick. The planchette is .25" thick, and has felt feet for ease of movement across the board's protective layers of varnish.

Psychic Witch Spirit Board

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